Using your rainwater

flushing toiletThe simplest way is to use your rainwater for your garden, and your plants will pefer it too. You can water the plants with a watering can or attach a hose to your water butt, or even a drip irrigation system on a timer.

To use rainwater for other uses such as toilet flushing or for the washing machine usually requires some plumbing and it is wise to set it up so that you can switch to mains water when the rainwater runs out. It is a legal requirement that mains water is kept separate from water from other sources. The best way of doing this is to ensure that there is air gap between the mains outlet to overflow level in the water tank.

To get the water to the toilet, either the water tank must be higher than the toilet cistern or the water must be pumped. For small distances and heights, washing machine pumps can be used, but for greater distances and proprietry pumps should be used.

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